Ico6 goes to comicpalloza 2013

The day was filled with larping, gaming, and laser tag fun. We built a castle and got to give it a name, which was ico6, plus we all got to meet celebrities. We also set up a fantasy land in the tabletop game competition, and Jonathan came in 7th for ico6 in the arcade gaming tournament. He won a chip clip and pen, first place won $5 itunes cert. You can find more pictures at:



Marshmallow Fun for Everyone


You can always buy an awesome Marshmallow Stryker with us, at ico6, or you can make your own at home. Either way you are guaranteed to have days of fun.

We came across this article on how to create your own mini marshmallow shooter and we just had to share it with you. (Click on the link above to view the instructions)

We hope you enjoy. =]


 It was time for another Ico6 field trip, so we all decided on ComicPalooza. We met all types of people from movie stars (Above: Christopher Judge) to the Mario Bros™. It was an event that Sheldon would have thrown a tantrum to go to.

Check out our staff photos at www.facebook.com/ico6shirts

Ico6 Crawfish Festival

With all the festivities going on, we thought we would fest out for the day and have an Ico6 employee crawfish ho down. We offered food, games, and karaoke. Each person got a whole 4lbs to themselves. It was something from a universe far far away…(Something like that).

The day was 4F (filled with food, friends, and fun). We will be having another festival and it will be open to the public. You can keep an eye out for tickets at livingsocial. Thank you to everyone.

Vote Team Edison or Team Tesla

We’re going to give you the chance to help name the winner of ‘The Battle of Currents’ by letting you vote for your favorite electric inventor. Who would you Like to see win at the speed of light?

Ico6 meets ZZ Top

ZZ Top & Ico6 Employees

ZZ Top & Ico6 Employees

It was an awesomely awesome day at work. Ico6 employees got to meet ZZ Top at Mardi Gras. We turned our heads and there they were, so we whipped out our cameras.

In case you are wondering, yes we did tell them how awesome they were in King of the Hill ” I tell you what”.